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501.11 International or Exchange Students

Qualified international students may be enrolled and attend school without charge for tuition if they are part of a Board approved Student Foreign Exchange Program.  The principal must give final approval before any such student can enroll.


Upon enrollment, the following items are provided at no cost to the student, natural parent or host parent: Class Dues and Student Activity Pass.  The student must pay for his/her own class ring, hot lunch, and cap and gown if he or she chooses to purchase these items.


Before being able to participate in athletics, the student must have on file an approved physical examination.  The examination form provided by the IHSAA and IGHSAU must be used.


Programs or activities for which foreign exchange students are not eligible are: Driver Education and National Honor Society.


For those items not specifically mentioned above, a foreign exchange student has the same rights and responsibilities as all other students.


Approved: July 2014

Reviewed: FY 2015-2016, March 14, 2016

Revised: 02/24/17