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503.10 Use of Time Beyond School

Students are encouraged to become involved with Columbus activities, athletics, and clubs.  Columbus believes that involvement by students enriches their lives and has the residual benefit of making them better students.


Columbus also believes that the family, and family time should be valued and protected whenever possible.


Because many Columbus activities, athletics, and clubs share the same students, and family time is valued, the following policy is implemented:


Practices, games, activities, events, and club activities may occur on any day of the week.  Wednesday evenings and Sundays are to be avoided whenever possible.  If a school event must occur on a Wednesday evening or Sunday, permission must be secured from the Superintendent, and the coach or sponsor will sign an assurance that the event is voluntary and that the student will not any negative consequences for being with his/her family.


Legal Reference:
Iowa Code § 279.8 (2000).


Cross Reference:
901.2 Board of Directors and Community Relations


Approved 1994-95

Reviewed: FY 2015-2016, March 14, 2016

Revised: 02/24/17