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504.11 Use of Motor Vehicles

Driving and parking on school property are privileges granted by The board to persons who have reasons to be in the schools or on District property.  The assignment of parking areas to staff, students, and visitors to the district shall be the responsibility of the administration.


Students who drive to and park at their school attendance center shall only drive to and park at their designated attendance center.  Students may not loiter around or be in their vehicle during the school day without permission from the principal.  Students shall not use their vehicle school hours unless special permission is given by the parent, principal or designee.  Such permission may be withdrawn if the student fails to comply with state laws or rules and regulations as established by the principal/designee.


The administration shall develop a plan for accommodating the flow of traffic on District grounds in accordance with traffic regulations.  Rules concerning student driven vehicles in addition to state motor vehicle laws shall be established by the building principal.


Students who wish to drive to and park at their school attendance center shall comply with the rules and regulations established by the building principal.  Failure to comply with this policy or District rules shall be reason for revocation of school driving and parking privileges as well as other disciplinary action including suspension or expulsion.


Approved: 10/16/14
Revised: FY 2015-2016, March 14, 2016
Reviewed: 02/24/17