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228 Board Meeting Minutes

A complete and accurate set of minutes of each regular and special Board meeting shall be kept to comply with all legal requirements.  Minutes of all of the regular meetings of the Board shall be kept showing the following:
1.      The place, date, and time of each meeting.
2.      The type of meeting--regular, special, emergency, work session.
3.      Members present and members absent, by name.
4.      The call to order and adjournment.
5.      The departure of members by name before adjournment.
6.      The late arrival of members, by name.
7.      The time and place of the next meeting.
8.      Approval, or amendment and approval, of the minutes of the preceding meeting.
9.      Complete information as to each subject of the board's deliberation and the action taken.
10.    The maker and seconder of the motion, what action was taken, and the vote on the motion detailed enough to attribute a vote to each member present.
11.    Complete text of all board resolutions, numbered consecutively for each fiscal year.
12.    A record of all contracts entered into, with the contract documents kept in a separate file.
13.    A record of all change orders on construction contracts.
14.    All employment changes, including resignations or terminations.
15.    A record, by number, of the bills of account approved by the board for payment.
16.    A record of all calls for bids, bids received, and action taken thereon.
17.    Approval of all transfers of funds from one budgetary fund to another.
18.    Important documents forming a part of a motion should be made a part of the minutes by exhibit and placed in the minute book along with the minutes.
19.    Board policy and administrative guides should be made a part of the minutes by exhibit.
20.    Adoption of textbooks and establishment of bus routes by the board for the school year as well as the school calendar should become a part of the minutes.
21. Approval or disapproval of open enrollment requests with justification for disapproval or approval after the deadline.
22.    A record of all delegations appearing before the board and a record of all petitions.
23.    At the annual meeting each year the record should indicate that the books of the treasurer and secretary and the Certified Annual Report have been examined and approved subject to audit.
24.    The election or appointment of board officers.
25.    The appointment of auditors to examine the books.
Minutes leading to a closed session shall include the vote of each member on the question of holding the closed session and the reason for the closed session, but the statement of such reason need not state in the minutes the name of any individual or the details of the matter discussed in the closed session.
At the organizational meeting, the minutes should reflect the following:
1.      Appointment of a temporary chairperson if not specified in policy.
2.      Oath of office administered to newly elected board members.
3.      Nominations taken for the office of president and vice-president.
4.      Election of the president and vice-president, the votes and the oath of office administered to the president and vice-president.
5.      The resolution to pay bills when the board is not in session.
6.      A resolution to automatically disburse payroll along with a roster of all employees under contract.
7.      A resolution naming depositories along with the maximum deposit for each depository.
8.      Resolution authorizing the use of a check protector and signer and the proper control of the signer.
9.      Motion designating a member or a committee to examine the bills of account for a designated period of time on a rotation basis if desired for the balance of the school year.
10.    Voting rotation when a roll call vote is used if so desired by the board.
A copy of the minutes shall be sent to each member of the Board before the next regularly scheduled meeting.  The Secretary of the Board shall furnish a copy of the proceedings as indicated by the minutes within a reasonable amount of time following the adjournment of the meeting to the District’s official newspaper for publication.
Minutes shall be kept in an official record book specified for that purpose and shall be kept on file as the official record of legislation of the District and shall be open to public inspection.  Examination of the official record book by any citizen or group of citizens must be made at the location where the District maintains the records, and under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of the Board.
Minutes waiting approval at the next Board meeting will be available for inspection at the central administration office after the Board Secretary transcribes the notes into typewritten material which has been proofread for errors and retyped.

Approved: 1993-1994
Reviewed: 2001–2002; November 15, 2010
Revised: 2005-2006; August 16, 2010; June 17, 2013