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207 Vacancies by Board Members

A vacancy occurs when a Board member resigns, forfeits or otherwise leaves the office.  A vacancy also includes, but is not limited to, the following: failure to be properly elected, failure to qualify within the time fixed by law, failure to reside in the school district or director district, a court order declaring the seat vacant, conviction of a felony, violations of the open meetings law, or conviction of a public offense in violation of the oath of office.
If a vacancy occurs on the Board, it may be filled by an appointment consistent with Iowa law.  If the board does not fill the vacancy by appointment, the Board Secretary will call for a special election to fill the vacancy.  Candidates for a seat created by a vacancy must file their nomination papers with the Board Secretary consistent with the deadlines provided in Iowa law.
All elections will be held as provided in Iowa law.  It is the responsibility of the county commissioner of elections to conduct school elections.
Approved: 1993-1994
Revised: 2005-2006; January 19, 2009; June 17, 2013
Reviewed: November 15, 2010