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212 Review and Revision of Board Policy

The Board shall review the policy manual at least once every five years.  Each year the Board may make a determination about the sections and/or series of the policy manual and the specific policies in the policy manual to be reviewed.  Once the policy has been reviewed, even if no changes were made, a notation of the date of review is made on the face of the policy statement. 
If the Board does not make a decision regarding what sections and/or series of the policy will be reviewed at any time, the Board may review it according to the following schedule:
Year 1: 200 Series (Board of Directors)
Year 2: 300 and 400 Series (Administration, Employees)
Year 3: 100 and 600 Series (School District, Education Program)
Year 4: 500s Series (Students)
Year 5: 700, 800 and 900s Series (Non-instructional Operations and Business Services, Buildings and Sites, District-Community Relations).
Approved: 1993-1994
Reviewed: 2001-2002, November 15, 2010
Revised: 2005-2006; June 17, 2013