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409.4 Employee Resignation

Licensed Employees


A licensed employee who wishes to resign must notify the superintendent in writing within the time period set by the Board for return of the contract and pursuant to Iowa law.  This applies to regular contracts for the licensed employee's regular duties and for an extracurricular contract for extra duty.  Resignations of this nature may be accepted by the Board.


The Board expects that all signed, fully executed contracts will be performed as stated.  Licensed employees who wish to be released from an executed contract must give thirty (30) days written days’ notice to the Board secretary and must have their request in prior to the first working day after July 4 of the upcoming school year.


Release from a fully executed contract following a resignation request from a licensed employee is at the sole discretion of the Board.  Only in unusual and extreme circumstances will the Board release a licensed employee from a contract.  The Board shall have sole discretion to determine what constitutes unusual and extreme circumstances.


Release from a contract shall be contingent upon finding a suitable replacement.  Licensed employees requesting release from a contract after it has been signed will be required to pay the Board the cost of a suitable replacement, up to $1,000.00.  Upon written mutual agreement between the employee and the superintendent or, in the case of the superintendent, a designee of the Board, the costs may be deducted from the employee’s salary.  Payment of these costs shall be a condition for release from the contract at the discretion of the Board.  Failure of the licensed employee to pay these expenses will result in the employee not being released from the employee’s contract.


The superintendent is authorized to file a complaint with the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners against any licensed employee who leaves their employment with the District without proper release from their contract from the board.  Should such an instance arise, the resignation of the licensed employee may be accepted under protest so that replacement staff may be hired without jeopardizing the legal rights of the District.


The Board may require a licensed employee who has resigned from an extracurricular contract to accept the resigned position for only the subsequent school year when the Board has made a good faith effort to find a replacement and the licensed employee is continuing to be employed by the District.


Classified Employees


Classified employees who wish to resign during the school year will give the Board notice of their intent to resign and final date of employment.


A classified employee shall provide no less than ten (10) days notice prior to the employee’s last working day of the employee’s intent to resign.  The notice of the intent to resign shall be in writing and directed to the superintendent.


Approved: 1994-1995

Reviewed: FY 2018-2019; March 25, 2019

Revised: March 25, 2019