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308 Administrator Professional Development

The Board encourages the Superintendent and the administrators to continue their professional growth by becoming involved in professional organizations, attending conferences, continuing their education, and participating in other professional activities.
It is the responsibility of the Superintendent and the administrators, respectively, to arrange their schedules in order to attend various conferences and events in which they are involved.
If a conference or event requires the Superintendent to be absent from the office for more than three days, requires overnight travel, or involves unusual expense the Superintendent shall bring it to the attention of the Board President prior to attending the event.  The Superintendent will report to the Board after an event.
Prior to attendance at an event, an administrator must receive approval from the Superintendent. In the case where overnight travel or unusual expense is involved, the Superintendent will bring it to the attention of the Board prior to the administrator attending the event.  The administrator will report to the Superintendent after an event.
Unless otherwise provided in a contract for employment, it is within the discretion of the Board to pay annual fees for professional organizations and activities.
Approved: 1994-1995
Reviewed: 2002–2003; November 21, 2011
Revised: January 15, 2007; March 18, 2013