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906.02 Swimming Pool Facilities Use

The district’s swimming pool is available to the public, student swimming lessons, physical education classes, and private parties. 
The swimming pool will use funds from the Public Education and Recreation Levy (PERL), entry fees, donations from outside groups, and the District’s general fund to support the operation of the pool.
Oversight and daily operations will be done by a certified pool operator (CPO). The CPO will oversee the water quality of the pool, the hiring of summer personnel, training, and assigning and supervising the actions of the summer personnel. The CPO will do monthly testing in accordance with state health department guidelines. The CPO is also responsible for any recordkeeping of pool maintenance and communicating to the Maintenance Director or superintendent the needs of the pool. Preparing for the annual inspection is also a responsibility of the CPO.
Hiring of summer personnel will be done in accordance with District hiring practices and the board will set pay rates.  A certified lifeguard will be on duty whenever the pool is in use, whether it be open swim, swimming lessons, physical education classes, school groups, school personnel, or by an outside group.
Private lessons, given by summer pool staff, will be made available to the public. Payments for private lessons will be paid to the District and the instructors of the lessons will be paid through the District’s payroll system.
Renting of the pool is available. The board sets rates. Available times for rental must be other than regular hours.
Approved: 2003-2004
Reviewed: 2009-2010
Revised: 2012-2013; January 26, 2015