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904.03 Sportsmanship

It shall be the policy of the board to encourage good character, sportsmanship and citizenship in all school activities.  It is the expectation of the board and the responsibility of all persons, student participants, staff, parents, student fans, and adult fans, to cheer, applaud, and support all students involved in contests and activities.  All in attendance are encouraged to stand at ceremonial activities.
Displays of poor sportsmanship and/or inappropriate behavior such as booing or making demeaning gestures are discouraged.  Persons involved in inappropriate behavior may be asked to leave the activity.  Continued inappropriate behavior may result in the person being barred from activities.
Any person approaching a student participant, a coach, a sponsor, an official, or a judge before, during, or after an event in an aggressive, complaining, or threatening manner will be asked to leave that activity.  Failure to cease the inappropriate behavior, to comply with the request of staff to leave, or a flagrant violation of this policy, may result in the person being barred from future activities of the District.
Approved: January 26, 2015